Many Fat Babies

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey, catch that nose....It's running!

Well today is the first time either baby has had anything close to a cold....All three of us have runny noses :( No fevers so knock wood it will be short-lived.

Bethany is enjoying beating up on her brother and Jadey is his sweet happy go lucky self. Thinking about their birthday and x-mas pictures....

Ed (new main squeeze, possibly trainable, football junkie, a bit outspoken, probably a double-air sign...) has 2 daughters so I am already thinking about how big my Christmas list will be this year. I guess I'm just happy to have a list with more than 3 people on it :D

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Jadey and Beth are growing so fast! Today we went to a huge all-parish Mass with Ed and it lasted an hour and 40 minutes. The kids were so quiet and napped the entire time- I was so proud of them. Bethie has a wicked mischevious streak- she will grab Jadey's head and scream in his ear just to get him to cry...and grin at me the whole time, showing off her dimples. They usually play together really well, but she is going to be my hell-raiser, I can just feel it.

The little girl next door has a small garden in front of our apartments and her melon plant has gone absolutely nuts. I have huge sunflowers right outside my door now from them and they are gorgeous.

Friday, August 18, 2006

View From Above

I've been using an old Graco Duo Rider stroller I picked up used at a Twins' Sale when I was pregnant. The babies have learned to kick the front safety bars off and instead of stopping every 3 minutes to put them back on, I just removed them. I look down on 4 happy feet as we travel :)

Seems like everyone has a twins story to share. When we are out, I can't get but a few steps before someone exclaims "Twins!" and comes rushing over to admire Jadey and Beth. It can get really ridiculous and if I'm short on time, annoying. But then, after all, they are telling me how gorgeous my children are, so I remember to not be annoyed.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whoa, Nelly!

So, I have twins. I have two babies who are rapidly approaching a year old, one boy and one girl. I keep wondering when I'm going to stop being amazed by this fact. There are 2 cribs in their room, and the closet is packed with 2 sets of clothes. Everywhere I go, I am amazed at how amazed other people are, as if to encourage my bewilderment. I keep thinking one of these kids got lost on the way to someone else. Maybe God made a mistake giving me two. Up until Jadey and Beth came along, my life was pretty much about remembering to not leave the keys in the door and maybe doing the dishes once a week. Well, honestly, I still have dishes in the sink.

They have both just mastered crawling, Jadey about a week ahead of Beth, who is smaller but who for the week her brother was crawling around and looking back at her with a grin, spent her time on all fours with her head down and her face set with a frown, so determined to make her legs work correctly that she would grunt and yell. Jadey is my chubby, happy-go-lucky baby. Bethie is my force to be reckoned with, a tempest in a teapot. I am in awe of both of them continually.

Their father is sort of permanently out of the country, so we are on our own, which is nice in a way. I get to hoard all this chocolately-fat-baby-goodness to myself and I'm greedy. I love being a mom more than anything and so far I haven't had a I'm-ripping-my-hair-out-where's-the-damn-vodka?!?!?! moment, but I know one day it will come. That's just par for the baby. I read an interesting article on BabyZone about teaching your baby sign language before language skills start. Apparently, babies as young as 6 months can learn to sign for the basics, such as milk, hungry, toy, sleepy and so on. It makes life easier and I'm all for making life easier, for them and for me.